Our Products and Services we grow and sell all the kinds of mushroom that is being consumed in Ghana and other part of the world. Ibanewel Farming Enterprise is an establishment that ensure that all our mushrooms are sold via our different outlets and even directly from the farm. Because we know how important it is to ensure that our business remains afloat, we intend to ensure that we create multiple sources of income that is in line with our corporate culture as well as business’ goals and objectives. We however would like to stress that all the routes we would take to make profit would be legal and within the permissible laws of the Ghana –West Africa Some of the products and services we intend to engage in are: • Fresh mushrooms such as common button agaricus, criminis, portabellas, shiitake and oysters. • Processed mushrooms (dried, frozen) • Offer consultancy and advisory services • Sell eBooks for intending new farmers • Give trainings Our Mission and Vision Statement

• Our vision is to be a major supplier of quality gourmet mushrooms in Bono East region and be recognized throughout Ghana. • To achieve our set vision, we intend to practice sustainable farming practices by growing our edible gourmet mushrooms in a controlled environment and using organic substrates as much as we can.

Our Business Structure Having a business structure is very important as it will help the business follow the vision which it has determined for itself. At Ibanewel Farming Enterprise, we have perfected the plans that will ensure that we get it right by employing only the best and competent hands to come and work in our firm to enable us attain the goals and objectives which we have set for ourselves. Because we have a vision of ourselves becoming the brand leader in this industry, we knew we had to get all the right things done, from carrying out a feasibility study about the business, to writing a business plan that helped us determine the right capital that would be needed to start our business and creating roles and responsibilities so that we could employ just the right employees for our mushroom business. Asides the fact that we intend to sell our mushrooms fresh and processed, there are other services that we would be offering as well to boost our earnings and so these services will need competent hands to ensure that all our operations run smoothly at Ibanewel Farming Enterprise.

MARKET ANALYSIS • Market Trends The mushroom market which has grown tremendously and is expected to continue is majorly drive by Ghanaians love for consuming food that is healthy in this global pandemic. Also, other trends include, increase in the processed food consumption and the ease of growing mushrooms. This does not however mean that it is all rosy for the mushroom farmers as the limited shelf life of mushrooms is a serious hindrance to the business. The mushroom market is filled with intense competitors – small, medium and large scale – who apply various strategies to attract potential customers while also aiming to retain their own customers as well. Another trend is the fact that mushrooms have multi-functional benefits especially as they are rich in proteins and have low or no fat and cholesterol. These nutritional values have nearly equated mushrooms as super foods. Also, mushrooms have been widely adopted by most growers in Ghana, with most selling their products in the farmer’s market on market days. The major challenge to the mushroom business has always been the limited shelf life but even that would soon change as there are several improving technologies, innovations as well as researches being constantly carried out to ensure that more people can have their mushrooms stay in their homes longer as well as more farmers storing their harvested mushrooms without worrying due to spoilage.

Our Target Market Mushrooms are a favorite of many homes in Ghana, and so we know that we have a huge target market available to buy our mushrooms. However, because we do not want to be limited by our idea of target market, we have also decided to carry out an in depth research into what to expect from our target market. This would also help us to be able to draft effective strategies to conquer these target markets in and around Bono East region and also in all other locations where we intend for our mushrooms to be sold at. The market research was done with the aid of a farm business consultant who has vast experience in the mushroom market, leading us to identify the markets that would patronize our products.

Founder: Isaac
Location: Ghana
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
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