Profile : Wudindolo Fantina

Animal manure will be purchased from poultry farms, piggeries and local animal farmers in and around Kedjom Keku. This manure will be transported to the production site for treatment for commercial purposes.

This manure will be treated by composting; which is an active management of manure and bedding to aid the decomposition of organic materials by micro organisms under controlled conditions of temperature, air and water.

During this process which will last for about 6-8weeks, the manure will be mixed with water and woodchips( alleviate odours produced by the pile). This manure will further be piled into windrows(10-12ft wide and 4-6ft high). The resulting compost will be dried, crushed and packaged in polyethene bags of 25kg, 50kg and 100kg for storage in the warehouse or for sale directly to customers or through retail stores in and around Kedjom Keku.

With adequate application rate, animal manure constitutes a valuable resource as a soil Fertilizer as it improves fertility, water holding capacity, bulk density and biological properties of the soil. It therefore represents a low cost, environmental friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers

Founder: Wudindolo Fantina
Location: Cameroon
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Idea Stage
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