Profile : Africa Harvest Enterprises (T) Limited

Africa Harvest Enterprises (T) Limited is a Tanzanian agribusiness company that adds value to coconut value chain by processing what was once considered as an agricultural waste (coconut husks) and turn it to an eco-friendly 100% organic growing medium called cocopeat. Cocopeat is a 100% organic growing medium, extracted from coconut husks (outer shell of a coconut) and used for nursery seedlings, flower potting mix, gardening, horticulture as well as hydroponic farming. Cocopeat substitutes peatmoss and it is proven to be the best alternative to improve plant growth by  more than 30% as compared to the usual conditions and reduce excessive use of natural soil as an environmental benefit by reducing soil degradation and erosion.
Founder: Ritchie Raphael
Location: Tanzania
Sector: Manufacturing
Stage: Start Up Stage
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