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The founders of NOTRE VOIX are youths who met in Nyarugusu refugees camp in Tanzania 
when they flew there due to the civil war that started in 1986 in the Eastern DR Congo. We have been 
since then although went to different places for studies and work who met together working for different 
organizations but in the same territory. After realizing that we are all together, we decided to create a 
community organization to solve different problems within the community. Given that three of us have 
studied health related courses and only one of us studied economy, we have decided to start a project 
in which the majority of us have expertise so that we can be able to volunteer and reach our fixed goals. 
We have conducted a survey with our own contribution in order to identify the major problems within 
the community that needs to be resolved urgently so that we can seek for funds for well identified 
problem. We are confident to deliver the best services to our community. So many health-related
problems were identified, the major ones being Malaria, maternal death due lack of pre-natal 
consultation and adequate health structure, malnutrition and lastly waterborne diseases (diarrhea, 
typhoid, cholera, dysentery etc.…) which are killing a large number of people particularly children. 

Founder: Makene Msambya Charles
Location: Congo - Kinshasa
Sector: Services
Stage: Profitable Stage
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