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Many households in Manafwa district are struggling with absolute poverty, starvation and lack of sustainable food supplies. Banana plantations have been affected by disease and there is total reduction in foods rich in essential nutrients to their families. Supprisingly, most of these people possess small to bigger pieces of land which is in most cases underutilized or completely unutilized. The fact that seasons have changed over the years with unpredictable planting times, most people have lost interest and end up tilling less or do not do any agriculture at all on their pieces of land. They also claim challenges in obtaining in-put materials such as seeds, hiring labor and other in-puts, and because of this, most youths have resorted to selling off their pieces of land to buy motor cycles to start boda boda business. We came up with this idear so that we can come in and help these people in focusing more on how to maximise their land use  to help them both in surplus food production and also sell some of the food as an income activity. We started with land owners along river streams who were willing to carry out vegetable crops. We communicated to them and those with unutilized land were regestered, given information and necessary support. When the vegetable crop is ready for harvest, we apportion a section as household food and another for sale. all this is determined by the in-put and out put analysis as made prio and agreed by both the land owner and our team.

Founder: Malongo Fiona
Location: Uganda
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
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