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My business provides alternative, sustainable and cost-effective protein solutions for livestock farmers. Our products, Maggots (larvae) of the Black Soldier Fly are rich in proteins and monounsaturated fatty acids and contain better digestible proteins than soymeal and fishmeal (which are more expensive and less efficient to produce) associated with deforestation, overfishing and climate change. We employ the use of organic wastes as key inputs to produce maggot-meal which are grown in scalable indoor cage systems. Fly eggs are incubated on organic wastes like food industry leftovers, household and kitchen wastes. After 12 days they are harvested as maggots, while a portion of the maggots are allowed to complete the lifecycle inorder to generate more eggs for repopulation. Our target customers are farmers of monogastric livestock like catfish, poultry and pigs with a minimum stocking capacity of 1000 livestock. Our products solve the need for improved profitability and reduces the production costs of livestock farmers, as livestock feeds account for between 60-70% of their total production costs.  The product has been tested with catfish farmers. They prefer to use them in their live form. Their price sensitivity ranges from 250-350 naira per kilogram of product. They also prefer the products devoid of impurities so as to mitigate/manage pond pollution.  Other potential target customers are poultry and pig farmers and also owners of exotic dogs. 

Founder: Ifeanyi Christopher Chukwurah
Location: Nigeria
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
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