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The Hydroponics industry is still fairly new in the Kenya markets.In terms of research and the number of completely developed farms.The biggest negative is the start-up costs to erect a fully state-of-the art project.

In the wake of climate change, innovative agricultural approaches to food security, particularly in countries facing water scarcity and chronic drought are required.Both aquaponic and Hydroponics can be seen as an integrated multi-trophic food production system that combines elements of recirculating aquaculture (RAS) and Hydroponics.

These systems are adaptable process that allows for diversification of incomes streams.High value herbs like Basels,and mints, vegetables {lettuces, cauliflowers and parselys and strewberrires},As well as fish.

In addition,both the systems allow agriculture to take large innovative steps towards environmental sustainability.Because these are mostly -closed loop systems,nutrient effluent,leaving the facility is virtually non-existent.

Advantage of aquaponics.

1.Education demo centre.

Aquaponic is the perfect teaching tools for CORE STEM subjects.Students can study fish,plants and bacteria in interact in interact in living ecosystem.

Aquaponic as an educational tools is a system that can be used in different areas of scie to increase the interest of children and youth in scientific research activities and business.


2. Scientific and technological challenges.

Aquaponic is seen to be one key food production technologies which could change ourlives.


The reuse of nutrients depleted water from greenhouse can also be optimized for reuse back in fish component utilizing condensers.


4.Two source of income.

For a commercial farmer aquaponic offer two stream of income both fish and vegetables.


Aquaponic system utilizing slulge digester make it possible to optimize recycling of organic waste from fish into nutrient for plants.


Advantage of Hydroponics.

1.Minimal weeding.

There is no soil involved in Hydroponics,so there are very few weeds that will pop up in your garden, giving you more time to enjoy your farming.

2.Faster growth.

Plants grow faster in an Hydroponics system because of their access to 100% natural nutrient 24 hours a day.

3.Small foot print.

Hydroponics farming does not require farmland with fertile soil.

Hydroponics can be done successfully on any land, cement,gravel,rocky surface or even drought lands which are difficult to use in conventional farms.

4.Food security.

Food security band food independence are increasingly becoming important.Hydroponics is another means of living a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

5.Reducing "Food miles"/Urban food.

Long distance transportation for food consumes immense amount of oil and gas in addition to the pollution and carbon footprint.Long distance transportation for our foods means more hand touching it, more refrigeration needed in multiple locations also more packaging and food safety concerns and less nutritious food since it has left the field many days or weeks before consuming.

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