Profile : Youth Agribusiness Loop Centre (YALC)

Youth Agribusiness Loop Centre is a registered business that was registered on 29th April 2021 in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act under the registration number TMBRS1013417. The business is a partnership between Mercilina Lwanda and Julius Kadewa who respectively hold Master of Science in Agribusiness and Master of Business Administration. Youth Agribusiness Loop Centre envisions to become a leading Agribusiness Youth Centre in Malawi and eventually Africa in providing and preparing a new and young generation for increased job creation and development of the agro industry in the next 10 years to come. This will be achieved by its mission to empower the youths with agribusiness and entrepreneurship skills through offering training, mentoring and coaching services. Agriculture anchors Malawi’s economy, directly accounting for about one third of gross domestic product. Agriculture significantly contributes to employment, economic growth, export earnings, poverty reduction, food security, and nutrition. Youth Agribusiness Loop Centre will be committed to providing services in training, mentoring and coaching to help youths establish and run their own agribusiness enterprises. Full course module will have a Maximum of 10 modules and each module will take a maximum of 1 day, 8 hours per day to be delivered. Main components of the modules will include; Agriculture entrepreneurship (Agri-preneurship), entrepreneurship, agribusiness management, business idea generation, product and service development, business plan, financial & risk management, marketing, ICT and agriculture, and product value chain. Customers will be allowed to choose the most relevant module that applies and corresponds to their needs. Most of the competitors within the market offer business consulting services, trade and market services and financial services to already established SMEs in the rural sector. Youth Agribusiness Loop Centre will offer reliable, affordable innovative youth focused agribusiness and entrepreneurship trainings coupled with mentorship and coaching sessions that goes beyond theory to a more practical experience. The targeted youths will be in between 18 t0 35 years of age. YALC opportunities lies in the fact that there is still high rate of youth unemployment in Malawi and across Africa giving the new market unlimited opportunities. YALC will execute management functions in administration and human resources, finance department, sales and marketing department and customer registration and enrolment.

Founder: Mercilina Lwanda
Location: Malawi
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Idea Stage
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