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Virgin Sahara Farms as stated is one of the subsidiaries of the Virgin Sahara Group Ltd with others being the Virgin Sahara Constructions, Virgin Sahara Oils, Virgin Sahara Motors, Virgin Sahara Mines and the Virgin Sahara Telecommunications. We are starting wirh agriculure because we believe its the bedrock for every development and the needs to sustain wealth and employment. Virgin Sahara  farms is founded by two passionate individuals wirh entrepreneurial mindset as co-partners with Yusuf Abdulrazaq Tanko taking charge of Executive and Administrative and Umar M Envuluanza as head of management and operations. Both individuals are agricultural specialists with the later majoring in Crop and animal Production and the former majoring in Agricultural economics.

Virgin sahara Farms is started with a whooping capital of 250,000 Nigeria Naira as a venture capital and to God be the glory today after two years of production we are worth upto 2.5million naira . Virgin Sqhara farms is involved in the production of staple crops such as rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, millet, soy bean and cowpea as well processing of these food crops into final product to satisfy the consumers need. In the aspect of rice production we have a team headed by an individual who makes research for us on how to get other products from paddy not just the grains and it yielding result because we are looking at starting to produce animal feed from the rice husk, organic fertilizer from decomposed husk, methane gas through some biochemical processes and of course rice oil. So also applies to other crops we are producing.

Founder: Yusuf Abdulrazaq Tanko
Location: Nigeria
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
Website: null
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