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Benin AgroTrans is a company solving the problem of smoked fish wasted due to the short shelf-life, disease related to the consumption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in smoked fish, protein-energy malnutrition, non-packaging and the use of plastic packaging. We are ensuring community food safety by providing best quality and sustainable smoked fish by providing a high microbial quality delicious Fish with lengthy shelf life of 15 days.   

Benin AgroTrans product named as ‘’Delicious fish’’ is pre-seasoned smoked fish rich in protein, vitamins, omega3 fatty acids and low in calories. It is a smoky fish with unique and pleasant taste, less salty, spicy and sweet with an attractive color varying from golden yellow to brown, rigid and not very firm texture with atypical smell of smoke aroma. Delicious fish made from locally fresh fish (tilapia, cat fish, mackerel, ton) and spices is a natural remedy against infection, cardiovascular diseases, depression and help brain and eye development. The addition of spices as natural food preservative helps us to improve the microbial quality and sensory acceptability of the product. This improvement of the microbial quality allows us to solve the problem of poor quality, low shelf life of 2 days, foodborne diseases caused by smoked fish and also reduce it wasted. The packaging of our product helps us to protect the product against tar of residues and external microorganisms  

Founder: Mahoussi Simone Assocle
Location: Benin
Sector: Manufacturing
Stage: Start Up Stage
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