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The proposed enterprise or business idea is quality cassava stalk multiplication and commercialisation of its production to rural farmers at affordable prices. However, the production of crops is hindered by several factors such as unreliable rainfall, poor extension services, and high costs of production that cannot be met by farmers. This often leads to poor crop yields resulting from use of poor seeds. However, this is not a limiting factor in cassava production. The lack of knowledge, skills, and limited access to inputs to increase production per unit area is affecting growth of the crop among farmers and vulnerable communities in Yumbe and the region. This is further exacerbated by men who control most of the proceeds from the garden. Therefore, the genesis of this business proposal is to empower surrounding communities through cassava multiplication in order for the community to access quality agro inputs. Cassava is one of the ten (10) priority crops in Uganda targeted by MAAIF for agricultural commodity development and first in the region. Districts including Yumbe  in the region are among major producers of Cassava in West Nile region but largely trades in poor quality seeds/planting materials, fresh roots and poor-quality chips., the proposed business idea is to create seed garden and move up along the value chain by establishing and strengthening  processing plant that will utilize modern technology to produce high quality chips, cassava flour and other products as substitutes for imported flour, chips, wheat flour, food and as raw materials to 

other local companies in the region and Country. This aimed at inserting youths in Yumbe and other vulnerable groups to engage in farming as a business.

Founder: Anguyu Jimmy
Location: Uganda
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Idea Stage
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