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Arivu Agro Technicians is a farmer led organization with current membership of 30 members (17 Females and 13 Males) from 15 House Holds of Orapi Village, Omoo Parish Arivu Sub County Arua District.

Our Vision

To Nurture a Healthy, Wealthy and Literate Community who creatively and Innovatively Use Modern Agricultural Skills.

Our Mission

To impact and empower, to alleviate Poverty and unemployment through Modern Agricultural  skills and Parctices.


 “We Learn by Practice” (Ama Oni ‘Yeria)

Our Core Values  

Integrity, Passion & Excellence

Main Objectives 

  1. Support farmers in animal traction training land use and management using ox ploughs and other farm implements
  2. Set up a stable and self-perpetuating animal traction training center for the rural farming community in Arua and other districts if West Nile
  3. Promote Agricultural Value Addiction using Simple and Complex Modern Agricultural Technology
  4. Establish agricultural produce, inputs and farm implements and market Linkages.
  5. Promote Farmer Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA), Cooperative and SACCO

Achievements to Date

  1. Members trained and Certified by NARO as Cassava Tricot Spp Cuttings (Seed) multipliers and Suppliers.
  2. Members trained in Animal Traction especially ploughing using animal Traction Technology
  3. Group Savings Account Opened with Bank of Africa

(Account Name: Arivu Agro Technicians

Account Number:03348780000)

  1. Cumulative members saving up to a tune of 3,000,000/= (Three Million Shillings) (Ref: statements as attached)
  2. Registered farmers group with Arua District Farmers Association(ARUDIFA) and Arivu Sub county (Registration Certificate as Attached)

                                                         Projects Carried Out


Implementing Partner



Animal Traction Technology




Bean Seed Multiplication




Soy bean Multiplication

Arivu Local Government



Cassava Tricot Multiplication




Cassava Narocast Multiplication

Arivu Local Government



Mini Warehouse Construction (Cofunded)





  • Few bulls (only Two in existence) does not support land opening of land more than one acre per day.
  • Limited financial access to open enough land for farming as a business.
  • Un predictable rainfall affects the crop production.
  • Limited access to extension services.
  • Limited animal traction tools and implements and the access to these tools is also limited.
  • Lack of value addition equipments.
  • Losses of produce due to lack access to market and poor post-harvest handling method of produce.
  • Inaccurate market information and limited access to produce markets.
  • Lack of proper storage(Warehouse) of produce especially grains making collective marketing difficult to group members.
  • Pests and soil borne diseases which are very difficult to control.

Future endeavors

 We intend to:

  • Carry out collective Marketing
  • Register Arivu Agro Technicians Association as a Farmer Cooperative Association so that Members can get financial access to open enough land for farming as a business.
  • Construct a produce Warehouse so that collective Marketing can be carried out by members who will get more profits for their produce,
  • Acquire post-harvest handling equipment and Value addition equipments for all the enterprises selected by Arivu Agro Technicians Association members.
  • Acquire more Bulls to support land opening of land more than one acre per day and more Animal Traction Tools like Planters and Weeders.
  • Get Access to Market with better Prices for the produce of Group Members
Founder: Yikii Kaleb
Location: Uganda
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
Website: null
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