Profile : FAMILY STORE Produce Enterprises/LAPIT Blessed Produce Store SMC Limited

FAMILY STORE Produce Enterprises is a youth led social enterprise started that exists to provide small-scale farmers with a reliable market linkages and at fair prices for their grains produce. We strive to reward farmers with better prices, an alternative to the buy-low-sell high common practice by the middlemen in the agricultural value chains in Uganda.  

We are on a Mission to offer a wide range of high quality grains varieties, affordable to all consumers to better lives while increasing smallholder farmers’ income through integrating them into sustainable value chains for improved food security.

We envision a world where grains with high nutrition levels are accessible, available, affordable, purchased and consumed by many people while creating opportunities for smallholder farmers to prosper and agribusiness drives rural development.

We do this by bringing together the supply power of millions of small-scale grain producers in Northern Uganda to meet the demand of local, regional and international markets.

Commodities: Beans, rice, sunflower, Peas, Groundnuts, Maize (Ugali), Simsim(Sesame)

Services: Capacity Building, Online payments system, Agent Networking, Teade Finance, Value Addition, and Consultancy Services

Core Values

  • Quality
  • Traceability
  • Integrity
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Timely Delivery
  • Team work
  • Sustainability

FAMILY STORE Produce Enterprises to offer our valued customers sorted, unadulterated, standardized and graded grains free of foreign materials. Also supplying to the market high quality graded grains of uniform sizes, sorted varieties of mixed beans varieties, packaged, branded and unadulterated milled pure rice, specialized on individual goods to avoid switching across commodities depending on availability and profitability to moderate price fluctuations. Currently, these grains are now accessible, available, affordable, purchased and consumed by many customers. The business would also wish to expand and improve its storage facilities well ventilated so that grains are not exposed to the effects of aflatoxins. This shall reduce the incidences of consumers being expose to diseases.  

As part of Social Responsibility (SR), FAMILY STORE Produce Enterprises trains smallholder grain producers by offering extension services to these producers on post-harvest handling techniques to reduce postharvest losses and food losses, input acquisition as well as credit access and business skills training.  the training is being done by us of the Smart Projector Technology that enhances farmers learning through agriculture dissemination videos. This  enhances our initiatives to build capacity of our grains suppliers to provide high quality grains. We expect increase sales, and trust to business by our customers. 

Founder: Robine Okello
Location: Uganda
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
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