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VERTU KARI COSMETIQUE, is an agricultural company producing and marketing shea butter and cosmetic products. 
The structure existed since 2016; and it was only in 2019 that we registered it with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Benin under the number: RCCM RB / PKO / 19 B 346.
The corporate purpose of our company is the production and marketing of improved shea butter and cosmetic products made from shea butter, advisory support and training in production and marketing of improved shea butter and its derivatives.
At the moment we are processing shea butter into ointments, soaps and creams. 

 Since 2016 we have been testing ointment production; and it was in 2017 that we were able to design our brand KARIPO.
 As of today we have three lines from Karipo. Soap, ointment and cream.
Our vision
Make Vertu Kari Cosmétique SARL by 2030, one of the best companies in the field of cosmetics in Benin and in the sub-region
 ; and be among the major exporters of good quality improved shea butter.   
 Our mission 
Our mission is to bring to the market innovative cosmetic products that protect the skin.

Our main objective is to be able to supply and make our product known to the population of Benin in general and in particular that of the north in ointment, soap and cream based on shea butter.

 Specifically it will be:

    - Produce and market at least 90,240 bars of soap of 140g, 36,000 boxes of 180g of ointment and 36,000 boxes of 150g of cream during years 1, 2, and 3;
-Participate in trade shows every year; 
-Promotion of local products; 

-Make publications every week on social networks (face book, wathsapp).
-The creation of an online sales platform by August 2021
Value proposition

Depigmentation is a very common scourge in Africa. And one of the measures for its eradication is to opt for the local cosmetics industry. What made us think of the creation of the cosmetic brand KARIPO.
 The skin needs a healthy product without chemicals, which is why we designed the KARIPO brand. With KARIPO products, you have healthy, natural skin and therefore natural beauty on a daily basis.

Founder: Moussibahou SOULE YACOUBOU
Location: Benin
Sector: Other
Stage: Start Up Stage
Website: null
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