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We are a group of young entrepreneurs and we have the necessary knowledge and know-how thanks to the various trainings we have received (agroeconomics, animal production, nutrition and food technology) that can allow us to carry out this project. Our primary objective is to promote catfish by providing it with added value while helping fish farmers to dispose of their surplus production and to be major players in the agro-food processing sector in Benin within 5 years.

Note that the key players in this sector do not need to be organized and modernized, we thought of offering smoked catfish flavored with spices (ginger and garlic), packaged in kraft ziplock packaging. Our product has the advantage of being different thanks to its appearance (golden) and the hygienic conditions in which it is processed. We offer it in packs of 1kg, 2kg and 5kg at 2500 FCFA per pack. We also have a door-to-door delivery service and sales are both wholesale and retail. The idea is to recreate the smoked clarias. Our product will be smoked clarias flavored with spices. The improvement of the method of smoking and conservation allows us to offer a finished product of better quality than that on the market and to improve the working conditions during smoking In addition to the spicy taste of our product, the physical aspect of the product is different from what is currently on the market. Indeed, the activity will be carried out in a processing room that respects hygiene standards. Particular attention to hygiene will be observed during the preparation of the fish as well as before the smoking. Our modern oven and our adapted smoking technique will allow us to market a homogeneous product with a particular taste. After smoking, the product will come in degradable organic kraft paper bags with a design reflecting the spirit of the structure. It will be possible to have it per kilo, in retail or wholesale according to the request made by the customer. It will be sold in shops, on the internet (social networks), in supermarkets etc. The company will differentiate itself from its competitors first of all because it will be in the formal one, that is to say already registered and having a trade register. Thanks to this status, it can win state markets, sub-regional and international markets. This status allows the company to be able to advertise through distribution channels (radio, TV, advertising posters etc.). The company will use channels like social media, which the competition does not.The other difference is the quality of the finished product and the way it is packaged. After-sales and customer service will be available and allow customers to notify complaints and suggestions for improving our products and services. A credit service can be granted to supermarkets, restaurants, under formal contract.

Founder: ATCHADE lionel
Location: Benin
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
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