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1.     Human need to fulfill

·         Consistent large production of mushrooms

·         Healthy mushrooms

·         tasty, fresh, quality, affordable,

·         creation of product preparation recipes

2.     Gains to customer

·         Creation of jobs to out-growers (more disposable income)

·         Efficiency in delivery (time management)

·         Consultancy and advisory

·         Satisfactory product – getting what you want through proper accountability and traceability of the mushrooms.

 The period for growth is minimally less than 3 months, that is oyster mushrooms take 5 weeks while button mushrooms take 3 months 1 week.

  • One kilo of oyster mushroom sells at 500kshs
  • One kilo of button mushroom sells at 600Kshs

(The difference in prices is due to the difference in the cost of production). 

More so, 

Consultancy and benchmarking

More so, we will be conducting consultancy offered in 3 training packages: -

  1. Composting- interested out-growers will be sold the mushroom substrates at an affordable rate of (Ksh 200 per bag).  The minimum number of bags sold for commercial production is 150 bags. 
  2. Selling of the seeds (spawns) to farmers at 600 per litre for oyster mushrooms, or 12000 for 15litres of A15 Sylvan Button Mushrooms.
  3. Consultancy fee at 10000 per individual/farmer training.
Founder: Collins Owino
Location: Kenya
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Break Even Stage
Website: null
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