DOC’S PLATE LIMITED is a Healthy Fast Food Outlet chain that was registered as a private company limited by shares in the United Republic of Tanzania in 2017. It was founded by doctors Nashivai Kivuyo  and William Mawalla, from Dar-es Salaam, Tanzania.

    The story of DOC’S PLATE company is a story of a medical doctor sitting in her room tired of receiving an ever-increasing number of patients suffering from nutrition-related diseases. She desires to embark on a behavioral change journey towards a community with a healthier lifestyle. By using our knowledge and experiences in collaboration with certified nutritionists and trained chefs we designed nutritionally balanced meals that are calorie-controlled, limited in sugars, fats and salts and nutritionally balanced to fit daily individuals’ needs.

 Dar-es salaam is a growing city.  Given the busy and rush-hour environment of any growing city, most people are making the choice to eat outside their homes rather than being involved in the food preparation process. However, there are exceedingly few or not at all food outlets that have identified themselves as providers of exclusively healthy food.

We noticed the need for the establishment of a healthy fast food restaurant chain that delivers a healthy eating plate to every meal and for the past two years we have delivered thousands of healthy foods around the city.

 The company also provides consultancy to individuals/ groups of people about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. We also formulate meal plans and prepare meals for the general population and those with nutrition restricted needs such as people with diabetes, cardiovascular and renal diseases just to mention a few.

Founder: Nashivai Elias Kivuyo
Location: Tanzania
Sector: Other
Stage: Start Up Stage
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