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This business makes cookies and other related products processed from potato flour, obtained from tubers rejected by different potato industries and consumers. The bakery market, especially the cookies market, is a booming sector due to urbanization and lifestyle change. The growing demography in the middle class has also increased the demand for convenient food, dominated by snacks, cookies, and biscuits. Urban and semi-urban areas of Uganda match the aforementioned description of the business. In Uganda, the prices of snacks, cookies, and biscuits range from UGX500 (0.14$) to UGX10,000 (2.73$). In such a scenario, the business is expecting to have gross sales of 500$ per month in the first phase of the products (the equivalent of 1000 packs per month @ 0.5$ each).

The potential customers for our products are children via their parents, students and young working professionals. The targeted children are those in age of attending nursery and primary school whereas the students are mainly the youth in secondary and tertiary institutions. The young working professionals in public and private institutions are also some of our projected customers. These potential customers will get convenient, nutritious, and affordable snacks, cookies, or biscuits.

To reach the targeted consumers, the business is conducting sales wave research to test the market for the product. Potential consumers receive free samples to test and provide feedback for further improvements of the products. The next step in our marketing approach will be to offer to some customers products at competitive prices as a technique to enter the market. 

Location: Uganda
Sector: Agriculture
Stage: Start Up Stage
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