Innovation Products To Market Field Attachment Programme Award "Ipm-Fapa Call (-)

"IPM-FAPA Call" (-)

The Field Attachment Program Award (FAPA) is a competitive grants program designed as a graduate student internship to link thesis research findings and recommendations to application and use at the community level. However, feedback from the FAPA grantees has shown that many of them would wish to translate their research and innovations into enterprises in working with communities. Accordingly, the FAPA grant has now been diversified with a track for Innovations, Products to Markets (IPM-FAPA). This call targets graduate students that are focused on advancing Innovations to generate products and services for the markets leading to job creation and translation of entrepreneurship training they have received under the TAGDev programme. The purpose is to realise young graduate entrepreneurs with knowledge-driven enterprises that have the potential for growth and employment creation. The grantees will provide learning opportunities for universities and development partners in ensuring knowledge translation into enterprises and in particular how young people can be a vehicle for addressing the youth unemployment challenge in Africa. Applications for this IPM-FAPA are called for from students supported by the TAGDev programme in the TAGDev programme implementing universities. Applicants should submit their applications online by creating an account on If you have any questions please email: with a copy to