Pre-Call Ipm-Fapa 2022 (Pre-Call Ipm-Fapa 2022)

Pre-Call IPM-FAPA 2022 (Pre-Call IPM-FAPA 2022)

This 2022 IPM-FAPA pre-call will select students who will move to the next stage of the call. Only those selected at this stage will be able to apply after training to build their capacity in proposal writing and Financial management. The Applicant needs to have in mind that their innovations should support the aspirations from science to job creation by translating the innovations into products. In the innovation, product to market, the applicant will be translating his/her research findings into the business through product development and commercialization.

The award will provide product(s) development expenses, website development and maintenance, and Supervisor Honorarium and transport for field supervision for a period not exceeding six months. The application deadline is 31st May 2022.